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Ni kan inte öppna fler bord ännu detta när du spelar. När hane bestämmer antalet bord som kan bringa samtidigt, tänk på att vanliga kontantspel och Zoom bord har andra data. Vanliga kontantspelsbord är värda 1 varenda men det maximala numret av bord som du kan spela är 4.

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You cannot open more tables than that when playing. When determining the number of tables you can open simultaneously, keep in mind that regular kontant games and Zoom tables have different values. Regular cash game tables are worth 1 each, but the toppen number of tables you can play at is 4. However, you can still multi-table Zoom on top of that.

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Blinds at Zoom tables You will always join a Zoom game in the big blind. The big blind is then assigned to the player who has spent the longest time without paying a big blind, with the small blind and button placed in their usual positions. The big blind in Zoom is fairly distributed amongst all players in the playing bassäng. This system ensures that, for an equivalent playing time, each player will approximately pay the same amount in blinds. Feedback Did this article answer your question?